Ways To Withdraw Payza Funds For Indians

Payza, formerly known as Alertpay don't support direct transactions with bank accounts in India. We can do some bank wire transfers, however the fee is very high for this kind of wire transfer. As well as we need swift code for this kind of transfers. Most of the major bank branches support the swift code. But some local bank branches don't have the swift code. It is really hard to transfer payza balance to Indian bank accounts.

Some third party websites will advertise that they will transfer payza funds to your bank account, but don't believe this kind of sites. They

will get your payza id and password and hack your account. We must be careful with this kind of third party websites. If you have money in your payza account, invest it with some good online sites which is genuine and get your payment from this site in paypal.

You can use your payza balance for shopping

or advertising your products or link and promote your sites. If you wish to get your money, the best way is to invest your payza balance with a good and legit paying site and get your payment via paypal. It is the best way for your transaction. Otherwise, some persons who wants money to their payza account will create some tasks with some good sites. Join with this kind of tasks and exchange your payza balance in to paypal through this kind of tasks.

Recently Payza introduced bank transfers to Indians and we can transfer our money to bank account by providing the necessary documents and pan details. Really it is a good news for Indians, now we have the ability to withdraw our payza balance to our bank account

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