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Since it is a great site and lot of persons using this site to get reference. Our site seems to be a virtual library with lot of good topics. We know our articles are shown in the search result, it is our duty to keep our work clean as well as report the violations to the admin. Report the cheaters and keep this great library as a good one which is free from scams and spams.

This site is common to every one, so we have the rights to complain about the bad things here and our topic will remain here

if it is good and within the guidelines. Here we have lot of freedom to express about our thoughts and opinion, but we must express it in a good way and don't hurt other persons or administration with our work. We must be fair enough with our activities.

It is not easy to run a site for a long time with stable and secure manner as well as giving payments to all the loyal members correctly without any issues. I know a lot of paying sites are gone and closed out, some of them are yuwiee, payme social, market swag and so on. If we start to list out all the closed sites, it is really

a great tedious process.

This is the great legit site and paying till today. I think this site is stable and paying site for many years. It is not easy to pay each and every one, since lot of people are using this site and some persons trying to cheat as well. It is our duty to report about the cheating person to the admin if we find any of them, since our admin is doing a great job to us by giving a great platform for expressing our thoughts and opinions. We must use it in a good way and give our best to this site.

Here we have the ability to report about a topic which is against the guidelines, we must use the report option for the topic which violates the terms and guidelines of this great site. Our report message will forward to the admin and he will take care about the violation and delete the topic which is a violated one. Here we have the ability to delete our own topic. If you did any violation by fault without your knowledge, just delete your blog using the delete option. Keep this site clean and free from violations.

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