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Our friends, relatives and well wishers always give gift items on our birth days and other important days and functions.  We will get more enjoyment and excitement while receiving this kind of surprise gifts. This kind of gifts whows the real affection and care of our friends and relatives, and we come to know about our importance to them while getting the gifts from them.

The real value of the gift is lies in the affection and care of the person who is giving that gift. Factors like the cost of the gift, color, design, manufacturer, imported and others don't give

the real value of it. In fact searching about the more details about the gift is the great insulting activity for the person whoever offer it to us, so don't see the other factors about the gift, just see the real care and affection of the person whoever provide the gift to you.

Some people comparing the

gifts with other things and giving valuation to the gifted person, this activity is wrong. Don't valuate a person based on his gift, just valuate him with his affection. Mostly this kind of persons who are valuating others with their things have calculative mind. Don't calculate and evaluate others with their things, judge a person with his kindness and affection.  

It is not a good thing to judge a person using his/her gift, some persons don't have the ability to buy a great gift, but this kind of persons have more love and affection with us. We must give importance to their real affection and receive their gift with our gratitude even though it is a normal thing. The real value of the gift is lies based on the affection of the person whoever gave it to us.

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