Trust In Friendship

Friendship is the greatest thing in the world and each and everyone in this world is having their own friends and have lot of trust with their friends. It is very hard to live a life without friends. We have lot of faith and confidence about our close friends and believe that they will be our side if we have any issues in our life.

All of us having this kind of trust with our friends and most of our friends will fulfill our trust and help us whenever needed, but some persons are not interested in helping their friend who

is in problem. Really this kind of persons are very selfish and time will show their real face, better to keep distance from this kind of selfish friends, they are not deserved for friendship.

We all have some close and dear friends in our life from our childhood days, due to time we may miss them, but we never forget about them and try our best to keep in touch with them using email, social site and phone contacts. This kind of long term friends deserved for our trust. Most of us share our life events and incidents with this kind of friends even though we are far away from them. If some person who is in our trusted list betray us due to some reason, surely we will lost our trust with friendship,

because we have lot of trust with that person and they misused it.
In such kind of situation the trust and confidence with our friend is broken.

It is very hard to regain this kind of broken trust. We must always be loyal to the person whoever trust us. It is a great sin to do a cheating or betraying activity to the person whoever believed us, never betray the person whoever trust you.

Some of our friends may forget about the past friendship due to various reasons like status, busy schedule and others. In fact this kind of persons fully forget about their past friends due to their current living style, if we have trust with this kind of persons, surely we will regret for our activity. A real and true friend never forget about the past friendship even though he is highest in the status. If a person forget about the past friends due to his present life, he is not deserved for trust. Never change your mindset and always give importance to your friends whoever believe you.

True and real friends are very hard to find, as well as getting trust among friends is also not an easy thing, if you have good and trusted friends surely you are the lucky person in this world. 

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