Stem Cell Treatment For Hiv Cure

Recently i read about the stem cell treatment which have the ability to cure HIV Aids. Previously HIV is considered as a great disease which don't have any treatment and death is the only solution for the HIV patients. Now most of the HIV patients are very much happy with this stem cell treatment and believe that they can cure their disease with this treatment method.

HIV virus have the ability to reduce the immune power and the HIV patients can easily suffer with all other diseases easily after getting the AIDS. Most of the AIDS patients have lot of health

issues like TB, Liver problems,Leukemia, blood pressure and some other diseases apart from AIDS, since the HIV virus reduces the immune power of our body and allow other virus to attack us easily. Due to the sufferings of various diseases the patient will lost their life within short period of time after getting AIDS. However some people have the ability to live with AIDS for a long time, however they will suffer with lot of diseases frequently due to the HIV positive.

Now in England, a 42 years old HIV Patient is cured

from HIV after the stem cell transplant. The doctors proudly says that The patient is fin without any symptoms of HIV. Really it is a great miracle and now medical field is happy for finding the cure for AIDS. Hope this stem cell transplant will work out for other AIDS patients too and they come out from the HIV attack with this new method. Now lot of AIDS patients is interested in this new medical method and interested in spending a lot to get cure from HIV. As they are not interested in losing their life due to this disease. Since some innocent people as well as kids are also suffered with this disease without doing any mistakes.

Always Prevention is better than cure. So we must try our maximum to be careful and avoid HIV, if we are suffered from it with or without our knowledge, then we can try out this new method without any hesitation. Now this method is the great relief from Aids.

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