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Some people are using the social sites as their diary and creating blogs about their own life incidents and important events in their life.There is nothing wrong in sharing our enjoyment and problems in social sites, but some people are sharing some unwanted personal information. We must avoid this kind of activities.

Most of the people using the status update feature to share about their life incidents, some people updating some important details in their status like going to vacation, going to bank to withdraw money, i hate my family members and so on, if some of our family members saw

this i hate my family update, surely they will get pain with our activity, as well as we don't know who is good and who

is bad in online, if some robbers find our going to bank update, it will give some unwanted troubles to us. So we must be very careful while updating this kind of status.

Sharing our life incidents in online is having their own advantages and disadvantages, if we shared a life incident in a social site, our friends have the ability to know about our life as well as it will be a reminder to us in future to remember about our past days. Don't share your most personal and essential things in online, share the things which is good to share with friends and make them to know about our life events and enjoyments.

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