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Now i am accessing internet from my mobile, i.e i am using mobile as my modem and accessing net, as i have 1 GB access remaining in my mobile, so i planned to use it. While surfing i got a notification from my system stated that new software update is available for my nokia device.

I planned to install it in my system and downloaded and installed it in my computer, after installed the new update, it required me to restart I restarted my computer and connected my system with my phone again for my internet activity. I found that my

internet is working with a good speed after installed that updated version, now i am happy with my browsing speed.

Previously i thought that the service provider is the

reason for my slow connection, but now i come to know that old software may be also a reason for the slow browsing. If we want to increase the browsing speed, we are in need to update the software frequently. After updating the software, my mobile internet is working with a good speed. Now my mobile net is very much speed than my USB data card.

Do you ever used your mobile as your internet modem and get this kind of messages? Are you interested in updating your mobile software frequently? What is your opinion about the recent updates and downloading it in system and cell phone? Do you think this kind of updates will give benefits to us?

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