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Now a days kids are very smart and interested in learning a lot of things in their childhood days. They always keep on asking questions and never give up their activity until getting the answers for their questions. Some times it is really hard to answer their questions, as well as we come to know about new information and learn lot of things while searching answers for their questions.

I have 2 little sons and both of them are smart. My elder son is having 5 years and younger one is with 3. My elder son always ask questions about various

things, as well as he have answers for lot of questions. Now my younger son also started asking questions after seeing his brother's activity. Both me and my wife learning a lot and searching various sources to answer to their questions and learn a lot of new things for their sake.

Some persons will discourage this kind of kids if they don't know answer for the questions, but this activity is wrong. We must encourage our kids to ask questions about various things and give the correct answers for their

questions, if we don't know about the answer, we must search it in various places and find the correct answer for the question to tell our kids.

By encouraging their activity they will gain lot of knowledge and information by asking questions about various things and know the reasons for various things. This childhood stage is the proper stage to learn a lot of things. Children having a good observing and grasping power and they will learn things easily with our guidance. It is the age to know the basic and fundamentals and increase the knowledge. Don't hesitate to answer your kids questions and encourage them to learn a lot of things and ask questions about various good things.

This kind of kids activity may give irritation some time. But we must keep patience and try our maximum to answer their questions to guide them in a good way and teach a lot of things to them in their earlier stage. Always encourage the smart kids, surely they will achieve a lot in their life. 

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