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Simplicity in life
Published By vidyaprakash on 2012-03-19 53 Views

Our life is short. We must live it in an useful and worthy manner and help others as much as we can to give meaning to our life. Great leaders were lived their life in a simple way and taught a lot of good things to others. We must follow the quotes and principles of this leaders to live our life in an useful manner.

There is nothing wrong in living a simple life which is useful to us as well as others. Most of the leaders lived their life in this way and made a great impact among the people. Our life must be a lesson to others and guide some good things to follow. Our life is once, if we lived it in a good manner, we can achieve a lot in this single life.

Avoid unwanted and unnecessary spending, as well as help other as much as you can. Share your wealth and knowledge and gain wisdom from it. No one have the ability to live forever in this world. Birth and death are common to every one. In the mean time we must live our life in an useful way and do some good things to others.

Do your work properly and try your maximum to do all your works by yourself, don't depend on other persons. Our life must be a lesson to every one and we must follow the good and real things in our life to get benefits from it. Some persons are interested in spending their money lavishly and getting more fun and enjoyment with it. But there is no use in this kind of life. We can get enjoyment for some time with our luxury spending, but we don't get more satisfaction with it. If we spend the same amount for a welfare like donating charity or orphanage, we will get more satisfaction as well as happiness compared with luxury spending. Also the people whoever getting benefits with our donation will wish us from their inner heart. Nothing is greater than this kind of heartiest blessings.

Simple life always gives more happiness and satisfaction to us compared with a luxury life. By living simple, we save A lot of money which is more useful to our next generation, as well as will be useful to us whenever needed. Recent survey stated that the person who is living a simple life have the ability to live long as well as enjoy their life more than the person whoever spending a lot for their luxury life.

Leading a simple life will give more benefits to us according to this survey. Be simple and help others to get satisfaction from it.

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