Selfish Friends

Some people are very easy to move, in fact they are very much interested in making friendship with us and do some good things to get our trust. After getting trust and good friendship with us, they will start their work and getting a lot of help from us. Most of us are interested in helping friends, so we will do any kind of help to our good friends. After getting required help, they don't care about us as well as our friendship and throw us without any reason.

Most of us already met this kind of persons in our

life, they are simply selfish friends and make friendship with us for their benefits, after getting help from us, they don't care about us and give importance to our friendship, simply

they forget about all our help and move from us. It is very hard to tolerate the pain, if we consider this kind of friend as our close one.

Now a days most of the friends are in this sort, it is very hard to meet a real person either in online and offline, so we must be very careful while selecting friends and don't consider anyone as your best and close friend with out proper understanding, because if you think some one as your close friend and the person betrayed or cheated you, surely it is very hard to come out from that incident. So be careful while making friends and keep distance from this kind of selfish friends.

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