Religion In Relationship

Religion is not a great thing in true love. In fact, if our love is real and sincere we don't give more importance to the caste and religion. Some persons want their beloved persons to change to their religion to prove their love, but this kind of expectation is wrong, if your love is real, then why don't you change your caste? If a person give more importance to the caste and the religion, then s/he may find a proper person in their religion for their marriage and fall in love with them.

The concept of religion is to integrate the

people, but some people don't know the real concept and splitting the people in the name of religion. There is nothing wrong in inter caste marriages, if both of the lovers
are in real love and interested in marrying each other without giving importance to the religion, but some persons force other person to change their religion for their marriage, this kind of activity is wrong, due to this forcing activity some loves are broken.

If your beloved person is willingly convert his/her religion to prove their real love with his/her willingness, then there is nothing wrong in it, otherwise no one have the ability to force a person to change his religion without his permission. For me religion is not a factor in the real love and your beloved person have the ability to accept you with your religion, if s/he is in sincere love with you.

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  • nbillett  24-02-2018
    Many of us grew up in a household or country where religion was forced upon us. However, i do see, at least in my country, where individuals are making their own decisions to become apart of a religion or denomination. in terms of a loved one converting, i guess it depends on how deeply that persons loves. I have seen couples from different religions and denominations make a marriage work and raise wonderful children.
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