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A lot of religion is available in our world and every day people will create some unwanted religious fight in any where in the world. The true concept of religion is the unite the people and teach them the concept of brotherhood. All the religion have their own god and following his quote. Reaching the god with our pure and good activity is the aim of all the religions, since all of them teaching the same thing. But people don't realize this concept and have unwanted fight with the religion name.

A person who is having faith with God and religion

never involve in this kind of unwanted fights. He will guide others in a good way. We must consider every caste and religion people as our own brother/sister and help them whenever needed. Avoid splitting the god in the name of religion. All the god is same and every one guide us in one way which is the real love

and affection. A true religious person never see the differences and he will consider every person as a human being. The person who is having the above qualities is deserved to become the leader of the religion and guide his/her disciple in a good way to reach the god.

The Real religion don't have any partiality and consider every person as same. The person who is following this religion must be kind and affectionate with all the persons. S/he will try his maximum to help others and don't have any partiality. S/he don't give importance to silly mistakes and faults and know to forgive and forget. This kind of persons have the ability to reach the god with his noble thoughts and activities and guide his disciples in a good way to reach the god. Follow this real religion in your life and avoid partiality.

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