Problem Solving

Everyone is facing problems in their life and struggle a lot to come out from it. We are asking advice, suggestion and solution from others while facing problems. As we don't have the ability to think a lot while facing issues, so we ask help from others. There is nothing wrong in asking suggestion and solution from the experienced people. But we must face our problem by our own and solve it by our self.

We only have the ability to solve our problem as well as we are responsible to solve our problems. Others can give suggestion and show the

path to solve the problem based on their experience and idea, but they don' take our problem as their own.

Problems are quite common to every one and every problem is having some solution. All the problems are temporary, surely we will come out from our issues in the near soon with our confidence and

dedication. Don't afraid about your problem and face it with your confidence.

Don't try to escape from your problems and give it to other person. You are the person to face your problem and come out from it. If you handled your problem to some one else, they may make your problem more complicated and you will face some unwanted issues with it.

We can find our real and true friends at the problematic time. They will come forward to give their hand to solve our issues as well as help us to find a solution for our problem, however we are the person to face our issues and struggle a lot to come out from it. Our friends will give some motivation and encouragement to face the problem and share their experiences and ideas to solve our problem. 

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