Pretending Friends

In this modern days it is really hard to see a real friend. Most of our friends are pretending. They will act like they have lot of affection and care with us and can do anything and every thing for us. When we are in need and ask for their help, they will tell some reasons to escape from the situation. We will find the real face of our pretending friends at that time.

This kind of fake friends are available in both online and offline world. We don't get more hurts with online friends, as online world is a virtual

media. But we will suffer a lot if we find one of our real life friend whoever we trusted is a fake person.
This kind of situation really gives a great pain to our heart and we lost our trust with friendship after this kind of incidents.

To avoid disappointments, we must keep our friendship in a limited manner and keep a certain distance from our friends. As we don't know who is a real person and who is a fake person, better to keep distance from every friend to avoid unwanted disappointment in our life. Don't expect a lot from your friends as well as don't expect anything return for your help to a best friend. True friendship never expect anything, if you expect some thing from your friend, you are not a real one.

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