Practice Makes Perfect

Most of us have our own blog/site and updating it frequently or once in a while, our blog is about different things and different languages, most of us are interested in creating blogs in English, since it is the universal language and every one can understand it easily. But most of us are non English back ground persons and improve our writing skills with our blogs and writing sites.

At the beginning our writing is not good and we may do some spelling and grammar mistakes with or without our knowledge, day by day we gain some experience in blogging with

our continuous writing, with our practice we rectify a lot of faults, since

we all know the great quote "Practice Makes Perfect", Really our practice and experience will make us an expert.

We will improve our writing skills a lot with continuous practice. We can learn a lot of information from internet and our reading activities will help us to increase our language skills, our continuous reading and writing will make us to become fluent in English and we can write quality posts without any mistakes with our practice and experience. What is your opinion about this? Do you think practice will make us to be perfect? Does anyone become expert with your continuous practice? 

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