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During our school and college days we encounter the postponed exams. Mostly exams are postponed due to bad weather like continuous rain, storms and some other unexpected issues. Some persons who don't prepare for the exam will get more enjoyment if the exam is postponed. But this kind of postpone don't give enjoyment to the persons whoever prepared for the exams sincerely. However every student is in need to face this kind of incidents at least once in their school/college days.

During my school days, while i am in 9th standard we faced an unexpected rain fall in our place and

it continuous around 3 days from Saturday to Monday, due to this heavy rain fall 2 of our exam is postponed, i.e our Monday and Tuesday exams are postponed. But the examination question paper is ready and our teacher kept it in a secret manner. However one of my classmate chased it and spread it out to all the students. Every one is getting good marks in both

of the subjects with the help of him and teachers are very much amazed with the students performance.

For me, i never enjoy this kind of postponed exams as well as chasing works. Exams are the best way to show our real talent. If the exam will happen in the scheduled date, it will be more fine for me and do it properly based on my knowledge. If the exam is postponed for any reason and get holidays during the scheduled exam time, we don't have the ability to enjoy it. Since we are in need to write the exam and the tension don't allow us to enjoy the leave. I hate this kind of postponed exams which gives more tension and pressure to us. Always i like the have my exams in the scheduled date, it will help us to show our real skills at the same day of the scheduled date with out any delay.

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