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Showing our payment proof to other people will help us to gain more referrals in online earnings. We need referrals to increase our online earnings and most of the persons are interested in seeing the payment proof before joining with our site, since it is very hard to believe any online sites, a lot of scams are available here.

There is nothing wrong in showing our payment proof of online earnings to others to get referrals, but we must be very careful before showing our salary slip of our offline job, this kind of payment proof are secret and we must

hide it,. Since we don't get any benefits by showing our offline job payment proof with others, So never share your salary slip with others, may

be some of our friends and neighbors will get jealous about us if we show our salary slip to them.

Also we must be very careful before sharing our bank details, savings, share details and insurance details with others, we must share this kind of important things with our beloved and trusted persons, but it is good to avoid sharing the financial details with other persons.

Always share your payment proof of online earnings with others, but don't forget to hide the important details like transaction id and your email id in the proof and don't share your offline payment slip to any one, since it is secret and keep it with your self

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