Past Communication

In the past days we don't have the modern gadgets like smart phones, computer, internet, email and other things. We are using the normal land line phone and letters to communicate with our friends and beloved persons. It takes some time to reach the person. But now a days we have lot of equipment to communicate and contact other person easily even though they are living far away from our place.

Previously it is really hard to communicate with a person who is living in overseas, we are in need to spend a large money for contacting them. Now we can

contact them within fraction of seconds as well as cost is also very low and convenient.

With this advanced technology, we can easily contact and communicate with others. But we are missing the hand written letters, greeting cards and expectations due to the modern trend.

Even though the past communication method takes a long time, we can send letters to our beloved persons with our own hand writing and show our real love and affection in it as well as our beloved person will expect our letter a lot with great anticipation. This modern equipment reduced this expectations and anticipations and communication is very easy now, so most of the persons missing the longing and anticipation due to the modern trend. Old is always Gold.

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