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Online shopping is quite common now a days and lot of people are interested in making shopping with online sites which is more convenient and saves our time and money a lot. A lot of payment options are available with online shopping, we can use our credit/debit card, net banking account, payment processors like paypal, alert pay and others, we can use the cash on delivery(COD) option and pay the money for our purchase at the time of delivery.

Most of the persons prefer COD method, it is the safest way for online shopping. While using COD method we can pay

the money for our thing at the time of delivery to the courier person. By this way we are satisfied, i.e we are paying the money after receiving the thing. However some sites don't support the COD method, we can purchase with this site using our credit card or other choices.

There is no risk in using credit card with trusted online shopping sites. But we must be very careful while using credit cards with the new sites. If you have any doubts about the site, better to use the COD method. Some sites gives discounts and offers while purchasing things from their site with

our credit card, but this kind of sites may misuse our credit card information for their purpose, we must be very careful while dealing with this kind of offers.

A lot of genuine online shopping sites are available and we can purchase things from them using our credit card and give our credit card details with them. But avoid giving this information to a newly opened shopping site as well as the site which is giving offers for credit card purchase. Some times we must be careful while using our payment processor and net banking accounts with this kind of sites.

Check about the site details and information as well as read the terms and guidelines of the site before using your credit card for your purchase. Always i use COD method for all my online shopping, once i use the net banking facility after that i give it up and follow the COD method. My friend always use his credit card for his online shopping and he don't have any issues with his shopping activities. As he is using the trusted site for his shopping purpose.

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