My First Online Shopping Experience

My wife is a great fan of online shopping, most of the times she buy things from online. For the first time i ordered diapers for my sons through an online site last November and  they delivered my thing through courier. I used the Cash On Delivery method. I select the COD as my payment method.

I ordered on November 4th 2011 and got the diapers on November 10th of 2011.  The shopping site announced an offer with 10% discount rate, but the courier and delivery charges are extra for the purchase. I used that offer and purchased the thing. I

saved around 50 rupee by this online

purchasing. Every month we bought diapers from the super market and it takes the huge amount without any discount, for a change this time i ordered it from online and got it safely.

Here after i planned to buy some important and good stuff through online. Since some shopping sites provides things with a discounted prize, it is the good way to save our money. Do you think this kind of online purchasing are good? Are you interested in it? What is your opinion about this kind of online sites which is giving discounts for the products? Are you interested in online shopping?

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