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Team promote is the best way to increase our online earnings. The concept of team promote is good to both advertiser and promoter. Advertiser must invest certain amount to this site and create a campaign about the product or site whichever he wish to promote. The members of this site will join with the campaign and promote the product or site with their efforts.

The promoters must promote the link of the advertiser in various places like social sites, traffic exchanges, Mailing sites and so on and get clicks to their link. Each and every promote will get an unique link

and he must promote it in various places to get Effort points. The promoters will get EP (Effort Points) by promoting the link, creating back links to the advertisers link, placing comments in the advertiser site and writing articles or contents about the product or advertiser site. In this way we will increase our EP's. Also we will get bonus amount by referring other persons to join with the campaign

It is easy to earn the EP's since we can promote the links in various places and create backlinks of the

advertiser site in our own site or blog and give comments to their site and write simple 50 words article about their product. As well as getting referral is not a tough thing, we can create credits campaign in Apsense using our free advertising credits and get referrals to our campaign.

Each and every campaign is having a time period which runs around 4 to 10 days, in the campaign time we must promote their links in various places to earn after the campaign is completed, our earnings will be credited in our account. We can earn a minimum of 1 or 2 dollar per campaign easily without more effort. We can find around 20 to 25 campaigns in a month and the minimum payment is 20 dollars via paypal and payza. It is not hard to reach the minimum payment and we will get it in the 15th of next month in our payment processor account. Team promote is the best way for easy earnings. Join with me if you are not yet a member there.

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