Kindergarten Kids

Teachers must need more patience to teach the little kids, since they are in kindergarten classes and don't know about anything. The teacher must teach every thing to them. Parents will take care of their little kid while they are in home and teach some thing to them to make them sharp. It is not an easy thing to teach to the kindergarten students. We must need more tolerance and endurance to do it. A good teacher who is having more patience and give care and affection to the kids only have the ability to teach lessons in a good

manner to the kids.

There is nothing wrong in asking the name of the picture from the KG students. First of all the teacher must teach about the name of the picture in the class as well as make all the students to understand about it. After that she can ask question about the lesson without any hesitation. It is not a good thing

to ask question without teaching them properly as well as giving punishment to the little kids.

Some students may smart and bright in the class due to their parents coaching activities. Not all the kids blessed to have teaching parents. Some parents don't have the ability to teach all the things to their kids due to their busy schedule and this kind of kids may remain as slow learner in the class. It is teacher's duty to teach the lesson patiently and made them to understand. She will ask the questions from them after teaching the lesson properly. However punishing little kids is not a good thing and surely every teacher must avoid punishing the kids and guide them with their care and affection. Teachers must give extra care to the slow learners and made them to be bright and smart in the class. It is the real achievement of a teacher.  

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