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I saw some job seekers lost their hope for little interruptions. Never lose your hope, as you have qualification and it is always with you. No one have the ability to stole your talent and degree from you and they are your real wealth. Education is the only property which can't be stole by anyone. So don't worry about jobless period. You have the ability to get a good and decent job with your effort. Increase your knowledge in your field in the time while you are searching for a job. Each and every field is updating in day by

day manner, you too update your knowledge based on the requirement to get a good job in
this modern world.

Use the jobless time to update your knowledge, as well as search a good job based on your qualification. In the mean time you can do any part time or full time job to get some income. Now a days a lot of jobs are available in IT field like call center executives, data outsourcing job and some other jobs. Each and every job is having its own importance, so do any job in the mean time and get experience. Get an opportunity to find your dream job with your experience. All the best to al the job seekers to get a good job in the near soon. 

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