Internal & External Challenges

In our life we are facing various challenges from our birth to death. Even little kid is also having a lot of challenges to learn crawling, walking talking and so on. No one is apart from challenge and have the ability to escape from his challenge. Each and every one must face their challenge and over come from it with their own efforts and hard work.

We have both internal challenges and external challenges. Our internal challenges are finding out our skills, talents, improving our confidence, determination, fighting against the depression, facing our problems so on. Where as the external challenges

are the challenges we are facing from out side world. We are in need to compete with others for our various needs. We are facing challenges while

studying, searching for job, working in a job and so on. Both internal and external challenges requires a lot of will power to face them.

First of all we must face the internal challenges with in us and improve our self a lot to face the external challenges, if we failed in our internal challenges and have lack in self confidence and skills, it is really hard to face the external challenges. So internal challenge is very difficult from the external one, if we win over it and have a lot of confidence about our skills and ability and face our external challenge with our patience, determination and effort, surely we will get success in all our life challenges. 

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