Health Issues With Cola Drinks

Natural drinks and fresh juice are always good for our health. But people are interested in artificial thinkgs and interested in drinking artificial drinks which is filled with Gas. We all know drinking cola drinks is not good to our health. But still cola production is going on our place and some people drink them with or without their knowledge. Drinking cola is not good for our health, it is like a slow poison. Cola drinks contains some unwanted chemicals which is more harm to our health.

Few years ago there is a great struggle held in my place(India) against this

cola drinks and lot of people bought the cola drinks from the shop and throw away the bottle without drinking the cola to show their opposition against the drink, because it contains harmful chemicals which is not good
for our health. But now people completely forget about this previous struggle and interested in drinking the cola drinks

I wonder how people forget about the great issue and interested in taking the cola drinks again, which is not good for us. Recently cola company in my place announce a prize offer and lot of people interested in participating it, so they are buying a lot of cola bottles to get the reward, they all forget about the previous days. This attractive offer impressed a lot of people to purchase the cola drinks and people are checking their luck by buying this product. Some persons purchase a huge amount of cola bottles to get the rewards. This kind of persons are indirectly spoiling their health by taking the cola drinks.  

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  • tomorrow3  09-07-2015

    This is really a very sad situation.  Everybody knows that carbonated drinks are not good for health.  Even parents have no hestitation in giving this to small children.  The use thse drinks is very high in corporate offices also.  During lunch time employees always order Cola.  It will create a longterm adverse effects onthe body. It is high time that these kind of drinks need to be banned.

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