Giving Up Bad Habits

It is easy to getting addicted with some bad habits like smoking, drinking,gambling and others. But it is really hard to give up those habits if we are addicted with it. At the beginning stage we start this kind of habits for fun or friends forcing activities, but day by day we find some enjoyment with this kind of habits and started to get interest with it, due to our interest we continue this habits everyday finally getting addicted with the bad habits.

All the persons are good by their birth, but they learnt some unwanted things and habits due to

the bad friends, situation and some other reasons and getting addicted to this kind of habit. We all know what is good and what is bad, but sadly some persons like to test this kind of bad habits and start it for fun and enjoyed this habit in day today manner.

We must surely avoid trying or testing this kind of unwanted bad habits, as we know we don't get any good things are benefits by smoking or drinking. May be this habit will give some temporary relaxation. But it is harm to our health and we will get some

unwanted health issues if we are addicted with such kind of habits.

We have the ability to give up those unwanted bad habits with our determination. We are the boss for our habits and we must control them. Never let your bad habit to rule you and always keep all your habits in control.

One of my friend is addicted with Tobacco products and take them every day, as a result he is suffered with lung cancer and lost his life due to his disease, now his family members are in great trouble. We must surely avoid this kind of tobacco products which is not good for our health, it is more poisonous than any other things.

If you have any bad habit, just make an oath to give it up and reduce it in day by day manner. Don't give up your bad habit suddenly, this kind of activity may also give some health issues, reduce your bad habit in day by day and finally give it up completely in one fine day to find the real enjoyment in your life. 

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