Getting Referrals From Classified Sites

One of the best way to get referrals is placing advertisements in free classified sites, we can publish our ads in this free sites easily without more effort and people can view our ads and contact us through the contact form, but we don't get a lot of referrals in this way as well as we may get a lot of scam and spam messages from the classified site as well as other persons whoever using the contact form to contact us.

Few months before i used some classified sites to place my ads to get referrals, i got a lot

or replies to my ad, but all of them are advertisement, i.e other persons sending their referral links using the contact form. Every day i got a lot of messages and ads from that site, as
we are in need to give our email id as well as verify it to place our ad, my inbox is flooded with the classified ad messages and i divert all the messages to the spam folder.

Some classified sites are very strict and don't allow promoting our referral links with them, so we don't have the ability to get referrals from this kind of sites, some sites which allows us to place the links will send a lot of ads of their sponsors to our id as well as sending a lot of promotional messages every day, so it is really hard to get referrals using this kind of free sites unless we are creating featured ad with them and paying for our ad.  

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