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Friendship In Love
Published By vidyaprakash on 2012-03-05 234 Views

All the friendship may or may not include love, but all the lovers are friends at the beginning and promoted their friendship as love. Friendship may includes love, but love must include the friendship. Without friendship it is very hard to make a good relationship.

We all will be very frank with our best friend and share a lot of things with him/her. If our best friend is our lover, surely our life is the best one. Since our close friend knows each and every thing about us and have a good understanding about us. We will live a happy and peaceful life if we select our best friend as our lover and life partner.

Most of the lovers have a good friendship and shares each and every thing to their beloved one. It is very hard to see a love without friendship, since friendship is the main cause of the real and true love. Without proper understanding and trust, it is hard to keep a relationship in the long manner, so we must have understand about our beloved person fully and have trust about them with our understanding about their activities and attitudes. Our friendship will help us to know about our beloved person fully and made a decision about them.

Some persons will fall in to love at first sight. This kind of persons also make a good friendship with their beloved person before proposing their love. Without making friendship, we don't have the ability to propose our love and get acceptance for it. No one come forward to accept the proposal of a stranger without proper understanding and friendship. So each and every love includes a deep friendship and the friendship converted as love after getting dreams and desires about our beloved one. Friendship is the first step of the love.

If you love a person, first of all try your maximum to make a good friendship with them and understand their activities and attitudes. Analyze and verify that they are apt for you, after having a good understanding propose your love to them, surely they will accept you, if they too have the same mindset like you. Since friendship plays an important role in love and each and every love is started with a good and real friendship. 

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