Facebook Fan Page Vs Face Book Groups

We all know facebook is a great social networking site and lot of people having their own account with it. Facebook allows us to create fan pages and groups, both of them are good to get referrals, visitors and advertise our products. But both of them are different in its concept.

Fan page is created for a business or for a site to get the fans and visitors to our site. Fan page is the best way to connect the fans to the marketer, brand owner or the celebrity whoever owns the page.

Groups are formed by certain friends and members to

promote their things or do a project or an activity. We can create fan pages individually

and invite more members to join with our page, where as groups are created by a group of friends and members for a specific task.

Fan page is for gathering the persons who are interested in the particular thing, topic or activity. Where as the groups are the collection of persons to do a specific task or event. We have the ability to like both groups and fan pages. Both of them are similar in some sort, but having slight differences.  Do you know any other differences between  Facebook Fan Page and  Face book Groups? share your opinions as comments in this article

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