Dr. A.p.j. Abdul Kalam - My Hero

Getting impressed with some great persons and following their good quotes is a great thing. Most of us like to live our life in a good way and become a guide to others with our activities. We also have a lot of inspirations and role models in our life. Following the great leaders activity and their words is the best thing to live our life in a good manner.

I have some inspirations in this sort and i am following their quotes and thoughts in my life. I am a great fan of Abdul Kalaam, who is the living legend. My

wife is also a fan of him. He is very normal and simple man with a great knowledge. His target is youngsters and students and give a lot of speech to them to motivate students in a good way. He is a down to earth


Always i am following simplicity in my life like him and try my maximum to follow his quotes. He advised students to dream about good things and work hard to achieve their dreams. First we must set a target and dream about it and find way to get success in our dream. Merely dreaming don't help us to achieve the target, as well as work with out any idea or dream don't help us to move further, so we have both dreams and efforts to achieve our target.

I am following kalaam's words and getting success in my life. Following great persons and their quotes is also a great way to achieve our targets and get success in our life. Set your role model and follow their guidance to live a meaningful life.

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  • priyac  26-06-2017
    I agree,he was a great person with even greater ideals.
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