Double Faced Persons

Double faced persons are quite common in this world. They will pretend like that they can do anything and every thing for us as per our wish. But in our absence, they will do some unwanted things to keep us down. It is really hard to find this persons as well as dealing with this kind of persons. Our enemies are far better than this kind of pretending double faced friends, We can believe our enemy, as we know that they don't do any good things for us. But we don't know when this kind of fake persons will do

some unwanted things to down us.

We must be very careful with this kind of double faced person. It is really hard to cut them

if they are our best friend, we can cut them gradually in day by day manner by keeping distance from them, as well as don't believe their words and don't do anything based on their suggestion. Just hear their words but don't follow them.

We can catch this kind of persons without their knowledge, i.e if we suspect any of our friend as a fake one. We must keenly watch their activities without their knowledge, surely they will do some back stabbing things, at that time we will catch them with their act and ask reason to them for their activity. We must remain silent to catch this kind of persons. 

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