Beware Of Hackers

Now a days hackers are quite common and trying to hack other persons websites and online accounts. We must be very careful to avoid this kind of hacking activities. Don't share your account details like user name, password, email id with your unknown online friends, strangers and other friends, better don't share your personal things with any one. We must be very much careful about our social site friends.

Hackers are using social sites to make friendship and get the details from the persons and finally they hack the account without our knowledge, better to be careful with online and social

site friends and don't share your personal and important information with them. Some persons shared a lot of personal information in their fb account, this is a wrong thing. If you shared your information in fb, just keep all the things in private mode and avoid using public mode.

Don't share your details with unknown face book applications and give permission to access your account. Some hackers create fb applications for hacking purpose, if

you joined with this kind of application and provide the permission to access your account, they will get your personal information like id, password, contact information and other details using your fb account and try to hack your email and other accounts. So be careful while joining with a new facebook application. Better to avoid joining with a new unknown application.

Hackers is having different kind of strategies and techniques to hack our account and they will try to hack our email account, payment processor account like paypal, alert pay, social site account like fb, twitter to get the friends information and so on. Be careful with this kind of hackers and don't share most of your personal information with online sites, it is your safer side. If you are in need to share the personal information, don't forget to set the privacy option and always set all the important information in private mode to avoid unwanted issues.

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