Banning Classes

Most of the college students are interested in banning the classes, this kind of students will get more enjoyment if their classes are suspended due to some reasons like rain, flood, violence or some other reason. There is nothing wrong in their activity, as they are interested in hang outs and spending time with their friends. They are not interested in spending their time with boring classes and listening the lessons, it is due to their age. But this kind of students must realize their parents struggles in paying their fees.

School and college education in this modern days requires a

lot of money, it is not easy to complete a degree without more money. Each and everything in our education requires fees. If we list out all the fees it will going on like book fees, lab fees, donation,
library fess and so on. If we ban our class, the loss is for our's, not for the college or for the professor. The person who ban the class will hang out with their friend for silly enjoyments, but this kind of happiness is a temporary one and it will give unwanted issues in the future.

If the classes in our school/college is suspended due to some reason, we must worry about it, since we are losing our money whichever we paid as fee, don't celebrate this kind of suspended classes and holidays. Use your free time for your studies and try your maximum to get good marks, it is our duty to fulfill the dreams and desires of our parents whoever struggle a lot for our education. 

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