Ban Cell Phones

Cell phone is one of the great scientific invention. It is having its own pros and cons. It is really hard to imagine our modern life without cell phone, but too much of cell phone usage is not good. Some persons are very much addicted with this modern device and interested in using it all the times.

We all know we must switch off our cell phone in some places like temples, banks and other important places which ban the cell phone access. But still some persons are using cell phone in such kind of places and creating public nuisance due

to their activities. Some people talk in cell phones with their loud voices which is great nuisance for other people whoever in the surroundings.

Mostly banks ban cell phones due to robbery. But all the persons who are going to the banks involved in such kind of things. Most of us going to bank for important money transactions. Securities in some banks check whether the phone is in switch off stage in the entrance and allow the customers after switching off the mobile. Since it is mandatory in some banks and we are

not allowed to communicate to any one while we are in side the bank.

Robbers have some other ways as well as find different way for their robbery. This kind of banning may stop robbery a certain level, but it don't stop it fully. Temple, church and mosque is the place for worship. We must surely off our cell phones while we are in temple. Our cell phone will divert our concentration and we don't have the ability to have peace of mind if we put it in on stage as well as getting calls while we are in the temple.

We must follow the rules and regulations and switch off our mobile phones are avoid keeping our mobile phone with us, if the cell phone is banned in the place. We don't loose any thing by leaving our cell phone for some time. We must have peace of mind if we don't have our cell in our hands.  

Every thing For your Smart Phone

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