Annoying Guests

We have lot of friends and relatives in our life and they come to our house quite often. Some persons take full rights in our house and do the things as per their wish. In fact they forget that they are guest in our house, they thought that they are in their own house and use our things without asking our permission. This kind of guests really gives a lot of irritation to us.

We must follow certain manners while we are in other persons house, even though they are our close friend are best relative. We must ask permission from

them to use their things. But some persons don't follow this manners and they will use the things in the host house without their permission. This kind of guests and visitors are really annoying. Most of us don't have the ability to tell the faults in their activity. They will take this as their advantage and take the things from our house without our

permission and use it as per their wish.

Once my uncle came to my house and started to use my laptop without my permission. I am really annoyed with his activity, but don't have the ability to tell it to him. He watched some of our family photos from my system and started to commenting about it. Even he sent some photo from my system to his mail and forward it to some of his friends. This kind of guests are really annoying us.

I don't take this kind of rights in his house, always i ask permission before using their things. I try my maximum to avoid using other persons things, i will only use other persons thing, if it is necessary with their permission. We must follow the manner while we are in other persons house and avoid using their things for our own use without their permission. 

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