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Social sites and article writing sites allow us to keep in touch with different kind of persons around world and we have the ability to make a lot of good friends using this kind of sites. While using this sites we post our thoughts and opinion as articles, other persons read out our posts and getting impressed with our writing and sending a friend request to us. We all will get a lot of excitement when seeing an incoming friend request.

This kind of incoming friend request indirectly told us that some one is inspired with our writing activity and interested

in making a good friendship with us and watch out our online activities as well as upcoming articles and entries by making a good friendship with us. Mostly like minded people will send friend request to us, as well as people who are impressed with our activities as well as writing style are interested in making friendship with us and follow our activity by getting notifications with the site.

This kind of friend requests are an approval to our work and we get fans for our writing in this way. Most of our friends always follow our activities, read out our articles and topics and place their comments in our work. They will give the

positive and negative feed back about our work and this kind of feedback will help us to continue our work if we are right, and correct our mistakes if we did something wrong.

Always i accept all the incoming friend request, and get happiness while receiving an incoming friend request. Online friends are our virtual friends and support us in various sort. We need online friends to motivate and encourage us for our online activities. We must be true and kind enough to make a lot of good friends in online sites.

By making a lot of online friends, we can enjoy a lot while interacting with them, we can send messages to them, share our thoughts and opinions with them in the forum of comments and enjoy our virtual life a lot with the help of online friends. Online friends plays an important role in our life like offline friends. It is very hard to imagine our online life without this virtual friends. We all need a great set of online friends to support as well as take care about our virtual life. Don't forget to send your friend request to the people whoever fulfill your expectations for friendship. 

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