Activities And Reason

I believe that everything in our life is happening for some reason. Either it is good or bad, each and every activity is having their own reason. We all work a lot to achieve our targets, some times we achieve our goal with our efforts, but some times we don't have the ability to achieve our target due to various reasons. We all will be depressed if we failed in our activity, but the failure is also have a reason and we must learn from our failure and rectify our faults.

One of my friend is very much interested in government

job and attend a lot of exams to get a good job, but unfortunately he don't have the ability to pass in the exams. In fact he wasted around 5 years in this sort, in the mean time a lot of private job offers came to him, but he refused it. Finally his father blamed him a lot and advised him to join with a private company.

At first he is not interested in his job and did

it for his father's sake, after some time he got interest with his job and did it with his full focus, with his hard effort, he got promotion in his job. His manager got a government job and resigned his job in the private company. My friend was selected for the Manager post due to his effort and hard work, and got increment in his salary.

Few weeks before he met his ex. Manager who got the government job and he told that his salary is very much low compared with the previous job and his family members are struggling a lot with this low salary, he did a great mistake by resigning his job. Now my friend realized his mistake of wasting around 5 years for a government job, so every thing in our life is happened with a reason, at the beginning we don't have the ability to realize the reason, but by time we come to know about the reason.   

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